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Frequently asked questions

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What is Lunur?

Lunur is a chrome extension that allows users to access all NFT collection marketplaces, staking sites, and twitter accounts by simply searching for NFT collections in our search bar!

Why a search engine?

Currently the NFT space is in desperate need for infrastructure. It lacks a central point of access to every NFT collection across all blockchains. Lunur aims to simplify the NFT user experience by using a familiar web tool we all love, a search engine!

We can grow our network of collections faster than any marketplace, because we're not listing NFTs for sale, accessing wallets, or interacting with blockchains. We're mapping out the entire NFT space, allowing users to access NFT collections in the fastest way possible.

Is it safe?

"With great search power comes great responsibility" - Uncle Degen

Yes, we're insanely secure! Lunur does not have access to any of your NFT wallets. We also don't track any user data or cookies. Nor do we ask for your identity. So you can continue to kick ass, as the amazing Degen... your secret is safe with us.

Do I need to connect my wallet?

No, we're a search engine silly - not a marketplace! 

In the future, user-specific features are planned which may require wallet connection to be used (only to view the NFTs you are holding).

We will always let you know in advance! Our search engine will always be accessible for everyone without needing one, and we stand by that!

Can't find an NFT collection?

No worries, head over to our discord or tweet us to request it to be added!
Our team is small but able and nimble!

Why are some NFT collections "Verified"?

Non-verified NFT collections are collections that have been added by the Lunur team, often due to users’ request or increasing popularity. This means that the collection’s icon, name and/or marketplace were not submitted by the NFT collection team or founders, Instead the Lunur team has carefully chosen them.

Whereas verified NFT collections had a team member or founder fill out the "Get Listed" form and have communicated with the Lunur team!

Downloaded the web extension but it's not working?

Make sure that you have enabled, pinned and allowed the ‘Lunur web extension access’ to every website in Google Chrome Extension Manager. If any problem persists, please reach out to us directly on Twitter @SearchLunur or on Discord! We'll be sure to assist you right away!

How do can I change the Lunur overlay shortcuts?

It's really easy!
- Type " chrome://extensions/shortcuts " into your google chrome search box.
- Locate the "Lunur Search Engine" widget and press on the pencil icon next to the shortcut you want to modify.

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