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Our mantra is simple, "Community first".


With over 500 NFT collections in the Lunur network, we are one of the fastest growing NFT platforms! Our search engine empowers creators all around the world to reach a larger audience. While enabling them to create and own their own collection marketplace, where they set their own fee's and sell directly to users.

About Lunur

At Lunur, we are pushing the envelope. Creating new and innovative technologies to further empower the NFT community. We are founded on the principle of "community first", we do this by working directly with NFT collections to better understand their needs. Listen to user feedback to improve their experience. Provide our search engine to everyone in the world for free, leveling the playing field.

"Our mission is to serve the NFT community, promote economic opportunity, and support creators."
- Jacob Chavez, CEO of Lunur

Here at Lunur we're all excited to onboard the next wave of new NFT collectors in the coming months and years. We've designed our search engine to be highly accessible, through our standalone website and downloadable chrome extension. So now you can tell your friends and family about the NFTs your holding, and they can find them instantly with Lunur, regardless of their knowledge of NFTs, blockchains, and marketplaces.

Founder and CEO, Jacob Chavez's Baby Ape Social Club

Our story

The year 2021 was by far the biggest yet for NFTs. With a massive recorded jump of 21,350% in the total value of all NFT transactions worldwide. Forcing market analysts to adjust their estimates, increasing the predicted market size of the NFT industry to 85 billion dollars by 2025.

As more users flood into the NFT space in the coming years. The number of marketplaces seems to be growing exponentially alongside them with no signs of stopping. In the last year alone we saw the rise of LooksRare, Magic Eden, and Paras.

Having just been rug pulled by an Ethereum NFT collection, Jacob Chavez quickly dove headfirst into the Solana NFT space rumored to be an NFT trader's paradise. Solana boasts close to gasless minting, close-knit communities, and underrated NFT collections giving back to the Solana ecosystem. However, he noticed a few major issues when migrating from Ethereum to Solana.

  • Lack of core NFT infrastructure.
  • Fake NFT listings on every marketplace.
  • Easy to get lost with 40+ NFT marketplaces.
  • Navigating between different marketplaces is a hassle.

Originally Jacob mapped out the NFT space using a dynamic excel sheet. Where he used a simple search box to quickly lookup official marketplaces, Twitter accounts, and staking sites of collections he frequently visited on Ethereum and Solana. This was the birth of Lunur, the world's first NFT search engine. Soon everyone can experience the speed of navigating the entire NFT space within one search bar ━ it's exhilarating!

We can't wait to bring value to this rapidly growing market! By supporting creators with our search engine, offering users a direct pipeline to creator-owned marketplaces all for free. That's Lunur.

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